The "Refugee 101" presentation is conducted by members of a speakers' bureau comprised of Refugee Primary Care Work Group members representing health care providers, refugee resettlement agencies, and refugee members. When a presentation is requested, the group mobilizes to schedule a training session, and adapt the presentation to the needs of the agencies requesting the presentation.

The presentation has the following sections:
  • Refugee Status (slides 6-7)
    Refugee Data and Statistics - global and local (slides 8-10)
  • Cultural Overview of Refugees Resettled to Tucson (slides 10-21)
  • Refugee Resettlement Agency Services (slide 24)
  • Health Screening Requirements - overseas and domestic (slides 27, 29)
  • Refugee Health Issues (slide 30)
  • Mental Health (slides 34-41)
The Refugee 101 presentation (2 hour version) can be viewed here:

Additional presentations have been tailored to complement this presentation, to allow for shorter time slots and diverse provider audiences. These will soon be available below:

Handouts to supplement the Refugee 101 presentation are continuously being developed and adapted to meet the information needs of providers. Some of these materials will soon be accessible here:

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