In this section you will find basic documents to help you plan future editions of the RHF.
RHF Timetable
A 12 week timetable with all the steps you need to organize the RHF.
RFH Summary
A brief recap of the 2011 event
RFH Survey Summary
Highlights from the 2011 post-event survey sent to volunteers and participants
RFH Master Spreadsheet
Contains contact information on participants and sponsors and notes regarding their participation. Filters available. Also a set up list (helpful to understand how participants' tables were distributed) and the set up code (helpful to make sense of the map and create sign up sheets)

RHF Volunteer Guide
Our little effort to provide basic information to volunteers. Not read by many.
RHF Participant Guide
Sames as above.
RHF Volunteer Orientation
This document was given to volunteers during the "blitz" orientation we held before set up. Unfortunately, volunteers who arrived later didn't received a copy. The document seems like micro-managing but we were afraid of crowd control issues.