About The Refugee Primary Care Work Group
The work group was formed to guide and support the Refugee Primary Care Access and Delivery Needs in Pima County needs assessment project (2009-2010), but has continued to meet monthly or bimonthly ever since, to carry out the recommendations that we put forth related to the project findings. The group is open to all providers or mutual assistance and volunteer agencies working to improve primary care access and delivery to refugees in Tucson. We also focus on related health issues and crises as needed, functioning as a sounding board and networking body for our members. We work closely with the Refugee Integration Service Provider Network of Tucson (RISP-Net), formerly the Refugee and Immigrant Service Provider Network of Tucson, and with the Pima County Community Health Task Force.

The Refugee Primary Care Work Group is comprised of over 80 individuals representing diverse agencies and organizations serving refugees in Tucson, Arizona, including:

The University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
The University of Arizona Health Sciences Library
Pima County Health Department
Pima County Public Libraries
The University of Arizona College of Nursing
The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy
El Rio Community Health Center
Pima Community Access Program (PCAP)
The International Rescue Committee of Tucson
Refugee Focus
Tucson Family Advocacy Program
University Physicians Healthcare
Arizona Department of Health Services
Urgent Care Associates of Tucson