RMAP does not provide taxi transportation to clients.

Clients assigned to AHCCCS plans are able to access free taxi services for transportation to and from their medical appointments. Each plan contracts with different scheduling agencies as well as taxi companies. As of December 1st, 2011 there are newly implemented rules which restrict the number of clients who may be transported at one time.

The following is a list of all the AHCCCS plans, their respective transportation services number and contracted taxi:

Yellow Cab, AAA
Healthy Choice
800-322-8670 (2,1,3)
Mercy Care
800-624-3879 (1,1)
Phoenix Health
800-747-7997 (2,1,1)
Pony Express
University Family Care
800-582-8686 (1,2,3)
Yellow Cab, AAA, Agulias

*Phone numbers followed by (#, #) include the number sequence to navigate the automated system to reach transportation services.
You must specify ALTS (Arizona Language and Transportation Services) with Mercy Care and include their native language. If the operator does not acknowledge the ALTS contract, ask to speak to a supervisor.

As a provider, you can arrange for transportation at any time, including directly after a client’s appointment, urgent care, hospital or ER visit. For Case Management, transportation must be arranged at least 72 hours before the appointment (weekends count towards the 72 hours), but cannot be scheduled more than 30 days ahead. Clients receive 3 exceptions/waivers to the 72-hour rule per year. If a provider/doctor schedules an appointment within the 72 hour window, transportation must be set up immediately and a waiver is not needed, however the operator will call the provider/doctor to check when the appointment was scheduled. This same rule applies to appointments rescheduled by providers. A waiver will be used if transportation is not altered immediately after an appointment is rescheduled if within the 72 hour window. A waiver will be used if an appointment, originally scheduled more than 72 hours (but within 30 days) in the future is changed by the provider to within the 72 hours but no original transportation was scheduled.

You will need the following information to schedule transportation (typically asked in this order):

1. Client AHCCCS ID number
2. Client Date of Birth
3. Client Name
4. Pick up address and phone number*
5. Transportation restrictions
6. Date and time of appointment
7. Provider/Doctor’s address
8. Provider/Doctor’s phone number
9. Doctor’s name and specialty

*Clients can arrange a pick up address other than their home, such as work or VOLAG office.
Transportation restrictions include the use of a stretcher, walker, wheelchair, or child seat (infant, toddler or booster) and must be requested each time. For wheelchair transport, you must know the approximate height and weight of the client as well as the type of wheelchair (electric or manual).

You may also request that taxi drivers knock on clients’ doors in addition to a phone call however taxi drivers may not necessarily acknowledge this request unless it is a high priority transport.

There are some transportation restrictions/specifications for types of medical appointments.

Provider/Doctor Type
Clinics, Lab Work, Imaging
Must specify type of service to avoid problems with lack of doctor’s name
Children (0-17)
Logistics of scheduling for SSI dual enrollment clients still in the works
High Priority Transports
Must request high priority at time of scheduling as well as “knock on door” and “phone call”
Spanish only
Can request a Spanish speaking taxi driver at time of scheduling
Multiple appointments
Same pick up and drop off address, different dates
Can be scheduled at the same time and will have a base confirmation # for all appointments
Number of Passengers
1 adult passenger
1 disabled passenger and 1 aid
1 child and 1 adult
Transportation can be provided to more adults and/or children if all passengers have an appointment, which will also be approved by a supervisor
Outside Tucson
Must receive prior authorization as well as doctor letter requesting taxi
If not approved clients must take Greyhound Bus
Transportation should be set up 30 days prior to appointment
Greyhound bus cost will be reimbursed to client
Pharmacy Stop
Only for Healthy Choice members
Must be requested a time of scheduling with pharmacy address
Physical Therapy
Must receive prior authorization
Operator can check authorization with AHCCCS during scheduling

Once transportation is scheduled you will receive two confirmation numbers (a pick up confirmation and return trip confirmation) for APIPA, Phoenix Health, and University Family Care. Healthy Choice designates one reference number for the entire round trip and Mercy Care does not provide a confirmation receipt number. The only way to check if Mercy Care scheduled transportation is to call ALTS directly (520-232-2280).

Clients will typically be picked up by an AHCCCS taxi 1 hour to 45 minutes prior to the appointment time, unless otherwise specified at the time of scheduling. Transports only 30 minutes prior to the appointment are not guaranteed. The taxi will call the number provided by AHCCCS and initiate an automated voice message system. The message will ask clients to follow instructions if they need the taxi to wait an additional 5 minutes. If a taxi does not arrive within the 1 hour to 45 minute time frame clients may call their AHCCCS plan with their receipt or reference number. The operator will call dispatch and determine how many minutes away the taxi is from pick up.

To return home, clients should use their return receipt number, or reference number. The provider/doctor address and return address are directly connected to this designated number. If the client does not have this number the operator must use their AHCCCS ID, date of birth and member name to locate the transportation request and call dispatch. It can take up to one hour, depending on the location, for a taxi to arrive at the provider/doctor and transport them home.

For those clients with a mental or physical disability, registering them with SunVan provides an easy alternative or safety net for transportation. SunVan transportation is available for clients that live near a SunTran bus route and can be accessed for any type of need: grocery shopping, DES, medical appointments etc. However this service is $1.00-$3.00 depending on income and there is a strict 2 person limitation, unless otherwise approved by the provider.
To request an application, call (520) 791-5409 and provide the name and date of birth of the client. ADA paratransit prefers to send applications to the client’s home however they are willing to mail the application to the IRC. Applications cannot be copied or duplicated. You can also fax a list of applicant names and their dates of birth to (520) 791-5453 ATTN: ADA Paratransit Application Request.
The application contains questions about basic personal information, current transportation capabilities and a list of two providers/doctors who can verify a client’s condition. The client must sign the application his/herself unless a family member has power of attorney. Most family members do not have recognized power of attorney and therefore cannot sign for their relatives, however a “cross” mark is a recognized signature. It takes 1-3 weeks for determination. You can find out the status of a client’s application by calling (520) 791-5409 and providing the client’s name and date of birth.
Once a client is approved they will be sent an ID, an income verification application and a Rider Guide, explaining how SunVan works. Clients must return the income verification application with sufficient evidence of their income level to qualify for the $1.00 rides. This determination is completed by the Special Services division of SunVan, not through ADA paratransit. Clients must put a minimum of $25.00 on their SunVan ADA card in order to start services. They may also request an orientation by a member of SunVan so that they can learn how to call and schedule a pick up, in addition to other services provided. It is not currently known whether they provide these orientations in a client’s native language.
To schedule a ride, clients must call 24 hours prior to their appointment: (520) 798-1000. They must provide their pick up address, drop off address and time needed for pick up. Once a pick up is scheduled, SunVan is flexible with times and locations. When the SunVan has arrived, the driver will either call or knock on the door and assist you into the van. For each ride (not round trips) it will cost $1.00. You can call and change your pick up time, if needed.